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Planning Commission Meeting 5:30 pm July 23rd,2024

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Planning Commission Meeting will be held for the purpose of consideration and review of the items listed on the agenda. The meeting will be held at Whistler's Knoll Vineyard W9595 County Rd, JJ · Hortonville, WI  in said Town on July 23rd 5:30pm. Attorney Matt Parmentier will be present to answer questions and provide information as needed. A quorum of Town Board Supervisors and/or members of the Board of Appeals may be present during the meeting. If a meeting is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances, a notice of cancellation will be left on the Town Hall's website: -when possible, a sign will be placed on the door of the Town Hall.

Please Take Further Notice: that the Planning Commission MAY convene in closed session Pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(g) for the purpose of conferring with the legal counsel who is rendering oral or written advice to be adopted by the Town with respect to litigation to in which the Town is likely to become involved.

Further information can be obtained from the clerk. 920-216-0932 or by email

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