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Town of Hortonia Contact Information for Specific Issues


Disturbance, Nuisance,Animal Calls– Rick Bunnell 920-538-3180

Building Permits/Inspections- Paul Hanlon, Building Inspector -920-878-0024

Taxes or Dog Licenses - Marilyn Martin, Treasurer - 920-358-3027

Property Tax Assessment – Justin Schmacher, Assessor - 920-766-9166

Raft Licenses, Tire Recycling – Nancy Willenkamp -920- 779-4815

Garbage and Recyclables - Harters Sanitation - 1-888-804-8556

Road Maintenance and Snowplowing – Dennis Clegg – 920-850-0295

Non Emergency and Road Debris - Outagamie County Sheriff – 920-832-5189

Election/Other Info Lyn Neuenfeldt, Clerk 920-216-0932


 TOWN HALL- 920 779-9780 

Please note that the Town Hall does not have regular business hours

and is used for Public Meetings only

For immediate assistance please call the Clerk at 920-216-0932

All postal mail should be sent to PO Box 301, Hortonville WI 54944

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